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Default Fan Controller Recommendations 2012 . . .

I have spent A LOT of time scouring the net trying to find a very reliable fan controller for my new build, but have not found much written recently (2012). I have read horror stories of contollers smoking, controllers failing un-noticed (so fans stop spinning) leading to serious system damage from excessive heat . . . I have read some say to stay away from the touch screen controllers bkz they are unreliable. I have been reviewing fan contollers that are very simply and inexpensive and others that seem to require an advanced degree and quite a few dollars (ex. Aquaero 5 PRO USB fan controller).

This is going to be an expensive build, and my greatest concern is keeping my system cool. Although, bkz it will sit at my desk and I spend a great deal of time next to it (sometimes 8-12 hours--combination work/video editing), I would like to be able to dial back the distracting and tiresome fan noise when I can. For this reason, I liked some of the programable units bkz I thought I might be able to reduce the fan noise and yet the controller would watch over the system and automatically adjust fan speed as needed for heat keeping things safe (and thus reducing temp. monitoring distractions). (Some of the basic knob controllers definitely have a lot of things going for them in terms of reliability, but few give temperature data and none I saw automatically adjusted fan speed for temperature fluctuation). To this end I looked at a number of controllers . . . the Aquaero 5 PRO, although expensive, sounded really great. A quality German built controller that appeared dependable and rock solid. However, some of the Youtube reviews and other things I read made the controller sound extremely complicated and perhaps beyond the scope of my needs (true?).

Next, after reviewing several other touch screen controllers, it seemed the Lamptron FC Touch might fill the bill (the Lamptron FC5 looked good especially bkz gave temp. readings and used knobs, however, just does not have auto adjust capability. My concern is that I would dial back back the fans, get engrossed with work and overheat my system). However, I have read some discouraging Touch build quality issues and it appears that customer service is quite complicated given the need to correspond outside the U.S. (China) . . . and I thought Germany seemed a bit complicated (I spent a year in China, great place just aware that conducting bzns in regards to returns and shipping can be complicated).

Aesthetically, I would prefer a black face plate to match my Corsair 650D case . . . but not imperative. Primary concern is finding a rock solid, dependable controller to watch over my system. Does such a controller exist or am I better off just dealing with fan noise and not using a controller?

I would really appreciate help with this (recommendations, advice) . . . thank you very much.
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