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My System Specs


Originally Posted by zypho View Post
Sigh.. so many uneducated people on this forum... rethinking going back to OCN now :S.. I said you wont notice a difference in graphics between the two and I am still standing by that.. Yes.. the AMD has a higher FPS... your eye can only see on average 65FPS..... factor that in with his kid will be gaming on a 18 - 19 monitor ... you wont notice a difference in 35fps vs max on average 65PFS your brain needs (depending on screen size)...

I can still recommend an intel IGP solution because his kid is going to notice more of a difference having 20+ tabs open, switching between MSN and downloading illegal music, good luck with your build man, I'm sure your step son will love it, also watch for near xmas deals on monitors, those 18.5" go on sale for even less than what they are now.
Sorry mate but calling out to people and saying we are uneducated is not a good way to keep a lively active conversation.

You can notice a difference in 30 - 60. Trust me, when WoT or D3 dips to those levels for whatever reason it is VERY easy to discern. I think trying to get the Max FPS in the games he has chosen is the key. And if the A8 Solution is a better fit for him because he isn't going Discrete then that is best. We might not all have the HW to do side by sides, but that is what reviews are for. And reviews show the AMD IGP to be a very powerful option for those with not so demanding needs. All the reviews are out there, I would love to see some that show otherwise (please, educate us, show me some reviews).

Originally Posted by zypho View Post
Oh an btw.. no intel troll or rep here.. Just have built enough budget PC's for kids to know what matters.
So have many of the members on this site you called uneducated. We try and promote honest discussion. However when certain claims are made it is best to back that up (as other members did) with facts before just saying we are wrong because you say so. That way we avoid getting threads to where they are today.

Let us keep this Thread intact, on topic, and with clear concise info.


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