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My System Specs


Yep I did check out the marking on the PCB. And yes I did do my homework on the card and the block. However there is no pictures of the ver2.0 pcb that I could find that matched the pcb of my 7970.

This is the link to the EK waterblock on NCIX. Ek Water Blocks EK-FC7970 - EN Nickel Plated Full Cover Radeon HD 7970 GPU Block G1/4 - EK Water Blocks - 3831109856703
And the one on the EK site. EK-FC7970 - Nickel CSQ - Radeon HD 7xx0 Series - Full Cover for AMD Radeon - VGA Blocks - Blocks

Looks a bit different eh? And yes I know that by the terms on the NCIX site which I agreed to when I bought the parts they can't really help it if things don't work out. I'm just annoyed that things didn't work out. I was really excited to put in the new hardware and advance a custom case project a bit. It's not all bad though. Got a friend that might buy the card off me so I can find another 7970 with the reference PCB.

Not the most ideal series of events but there's been worse.
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