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My System Specs


Fair enough on the 3770k. You will see a difference there, though the 3570K is still no slouch.

A 670 should last just as long as a 680 really.. their performance is that close. Many custom cooled and factory oc'd 670's will even beat a stock 680 out of the box.
It's all a case of whether you can justify the extra.

A 3570k / 3770k should last you 3 years without any issues.. My brother is aiming for 5+ on his though he doesn't do any encoding or the like.
The GPU will depend on your needs / wants for games.. I would suggest if you like top end to change every second generation depending on the hardware improvements and the game requirements that come over the next 3 ish years.
But if you don't need to max a game out and aren't on high resolution (3x 1080 screens or a 2560x1440+ resolution) then it should last you at least 3 years with little effort.
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