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Couple recomendations.

1) stay with AMD IF you never plan on sticking a discrete GPU in there. Otherwise go Intel. Intels 'HD' line suck for gaming. AMD faildozers suck as a cpu. Pick you poison. With such a tight budget Id probably go the AMD route.
2) Stay away from the kingston V200. Spend the extra 25 bucks for a Crucial M4...IF you decide to stick a SSD in there.
3) If you dont plan on getting a SSD right away...spend a couple bucks more on the HDD and get a WD Black or Seagate. Many in the 80-90 buck range will are MUCH faster than the blues.
4) that logitech kb and mouse combo luckstarr posted is a decent kit. Ive used them in a few builds. Not great...but cant beat it on value. :)
5)...too bad you didnt notice my Crucial V4 256GB that was for sale (sold now) for 120...that you could have had for less. :P
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