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My System Specs


I have to agree wholeheartedly on going with the discrete gpu vs the core IGP. Ive recently discovered that you dont need much in terms of processor power for modern gaming, its all about the GPU. I currently have an i3 530 @ stock (too lazy to get around to oc'ing it) paired up with a GTX 470 and everyone of my games plays maxed @ 1920 x 1200 AA and all the bells and whistles with a damn good framerate. Kinda makes me feel stupid after all these years of dropping 300+ on a processor for my gaming rigs when even a stock budget chip is more than ample for gaming.

I am curious to how one of these a8 chips game with a higher end gpu (660 or 7870) or better. If gaming is decent with those, then I more than likely will drop the i3 as my media server and let an a8 chip do the gaming work for me.
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