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Originally Posted by zypho View Post
Sigh.. so many uneducated people on this forum... rethinking going back to OCN now :S.. I said you wont notice a difference in graphics between the two and I am still standing by that.. Yes.. the AMD has a higher FPS... your eye can only see on average 65FPS..... factor that in with his kid will be gaming on a 18 - 19 monitor ... you wont notice a difference in 35fps vs max on average 65PFS your brain needs (depending on screen size)...

I can still recommend an intel IGP solution because his kid is going to notice more of a difference having 20+ tabs open, switching between MSN and downloading illegal music, good luck with your build man, I'm sure your step son will love it, also watch for near xmas deals on monitors, those 18.5" go on sale for even less than what they are now.

I have to strongly disagree.

Having 20+ tabs open, an IM program and music downloading in the background is more a function of how much RAM you have, not so much how fast you're CPU is. I'm pretty sure a C2D can handle all of those tasks in the background, nevermind an A8. So with that in mind, why not choose the cheaper and more GPU powerful solution, as the rig is meant for light gaming?

But lets disregard that for a moment and consider that this build is meant for last for a few years. Sure, you and the kid might not notice the difference between the two currently, but what about in a year or two? When the stepson is a little more grown up and wants to try some larger games? Or (god help us! XD) Minecraft gets a high-res texture pack? Having that GPU headroom would be great to have a few years down the road. Or throw in a card designed to work with the APU and combine them for more power! This isn't meant to be a high end gaming rig, the APU has more then enough processing power to handle the gaming tasks thrown at it, right up through the mid-range.

I get where your coming from with the more powerful Intel, I do, I get it, it'll be faster CPU-wise then the A8 more then likely. But for the price to performance and the futureproofing value I think a $99 IGP solution simply can't be beat.

It's not about being A+ certified, it's about reading the numbers that are in front of you and considering the situation at hand. And frankly please, go back to OCN, maybe you'll find someone that will believe your garbage there. I think you should take a harder look at your stance in this regard because it seems no one so far agrees with your opinion. Unless we're all uneducated, of course.

OP: I forgot to mention before the Logitech mk200 mouse and keyboard combo can be had for $30.. and cheaper on sale, which it goes on every so often as it is now at NCIX: Logitech MK200 Media Keyboard and Mouse Combo USB - Logitech - 920-002714 - I bought two sets of these for work and they work great. Keyboard isn't completely unresponsively soft (I hate those. UGH.) but it IS quiet (Amen.) and the mouse doesn't feel too bad at all. I was kinda impressed for the price. Currently it'll save ya an extra $15.
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