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Just registered for this forum after I saw your problem. What I had to is right click on your desktop and click on configure switchable graphics. From there you can change the performance for each program between high performance and power saving. High performance uses the dedicate gpu (possibly in crossfire with the integrated gpu but I haven't deleved that deep).

I have to do it for every game and program just about. Easiest way is to run your game. Exit the game. Right click desktop as above........

There will be a list with recent programs and you just click the button to the right of it to switch between power saving and performance for each one.

As for 3d mark 11. It wouldn't even run for me I changed the settings to high performance for that and an exe process (can't remember the name) it was using and it worked no bother. It also reported my 7670m as something else. Something with a "g" at the end. One of the numbers amd uses to name the combination of igpu and dgpu.

As for drivers, I don't think you can just update them like a desktop. There's a message at the bottom of the driver download screen saying that new drivers are not suitable for notebooks built before the driver release date. I know for hp you download them from hp's website under the support for your model. Not sure about Toshiba or Acer (which I have).

Hope this helps and sorry if you have already tried this.
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