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Originally Posted by ebdoradz View Post
What a nice and clean rig nikitos, can you privde me your spec and watercooling spec, has well has your temp.

im looking toi watercool my computer and i love your case, tube routing very well done

thank you :)

my specs are:

E2180 3.0ghz stock volts 31C idle - 48C load (these temps didn't really improve with the Apogee GTover Ninja rev. B, but the ambient temperature is really high at the moment, I'll have to check how I mounted it too)
XFX 8800GT stock 41C idle - 48C load (about 15-20C improvement here :) with an EK FC-88 block)

other than the water block and fans, the water cooling parts I used are similiar to those in the Swiftech kits.
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