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Default GTX 670 4gb or GTX 660 ti 3gb sli

I am new to this forum so I don't know if this question has been asked a bazillion times.My question is to run 3d vision surround gaming at the max settings in every game I play(max payne 3,BF3,BL2) should I get 2x gtx galaxy 3gb sli or 1 gtx galaxy 670 4gb.

Here is what my system is going to be.

Corsair c70 case(already bought)
Asus Maximus V formula(not bought yet)
Intel core i5 3570k(will be OC'ED)-not bought yet
2X8gb of gskill memory(not bought yet)
GTX galaxy 3gb sli or GTX galaxy 670 4gb(neither has been bought yet)
Corsair hx1050w(not bought yet)
Corsair H100(already bought)
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