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Originally Posted by Hunt View Post
So how long does it take you to kill the butcher? I'm at 35k with a WD and the butcher goes down in 30seconds or less. At 100k it must be like a trash mob.
I honestly don't know since I've only been farming Act 3 for the past 3 weeks. Ghom dies within 45 seconds with me and my friend's rend barb (who's doing approx 70k DPS). Azmodan takes a little longer at just over a minute. Seigebreaker actually takes the longest since it reflects damage so I can't just keep the attack going.

had my best farm run last night, started off by finding a decently rolled cindercoat from a goblin, then in the first tower (tower of the damned?).. I find the one weapon that can replace my manticore which I bought 3 weeks ago off the AH.. I ended up rolling a 2 socketed manticore. I lost dex though, but it rolled with higher DPS.

Sold my old manticore, and picked up inna's pants and belt. Doing 103k DPS w/ my MF helm on. Going to swap out the amethyst for an emerald to see how much higher the DPS can go. But currently at 52% Crit Chance, and 350%ish crit damage. Been playing around with gloves and bracers on the AH to get more vit back though.

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