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The thing is with my board I don't get to set the voltage I only get to set a limit on how much more it can use. I have it set to +0.21v. I haven't fiddled with it too much yet as I was only able to get it stable at 4ghz yesterday. My qpi voltage is set for 1.42v, its still well within safe limits for my board and seems to be around where I need it for stability. If I have it less than 1.38 I get bsod in prime95 after about 10mins.

As for fan positions and making 1 more fan exhaust, which one should I set to exhaust rather than intake? The top rear fan? There are no empty fan slots left. There is only one on the rear of the case which is already exhaust. I take it the best bet would be to use the one above it and set that to exhaust as well?

Thanks for the help guys. Much appreciated.
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