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My System Specs


Well, Saturday was too busy for me to spend any time on this, but this morning my 3.5 year old son and I drained the old loop and cleaned the blocks. Then I started to reassemble, only to realize that the Detroit top I had on my D5 doesn't require an O-ring and the XSPC bay res/pump top combo does. . Order placed with Daz.

I did remount the Heatkiller 3.0, and put the GPU back in. I'm going to reverse the fittings on the GPU block, otherwise the hose will interfere with the power connection on my Phoebus.

The sharp-eyed may have noticed that the drive cage is out, and I just have a single drive with adapter. This is because I figured I'd have to move the res down a bay to make it easier to fill and drain.

And apparently I never sleeved the 8-pin connectors for my PSU. Sigh. Well, I was going to redo some sleeving anyways, this just adds to the list for when I get my sleeving stuff out of storage.

Edit: My oldest son just told me they have all kinds of o-rings for irrigation pumps at work. He's going to see if they have one that fits, then I might have a chance to have this back up and running for Borderlands 2 launch.
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