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My System Specs


Originally Posted by syaoran7li View Post
Hey i have read some review.. and its written... for gaming we should go for benq XL2420T.. and for other purposes we should choose Dell... cuz they dell only has 60Hz but benq has 120Hz... 120Hz does it really make tat much difference???
As I said before, they both have their good points..

For me the Dell is better. The image quality affects all aspects of the monitors usage.
The 120mhz monitors provide a bit smoother experience in things like FPS games where you are looking around allot and quickly.

Which is more important to you is hard to say until you try them. Would be great to experience them first but all you can generally do is go by what people have said and try make a choice by whats more important to you.

The only thing I would change with that build would be double the SSD.. 256GB, especially if you have a couple of large packages like photoshop or the like and a few big games will fill 120GB in no time.
Remember that you do not want to fill an SSD, keep maybe 10% free.
A larger drive will be faster, give you more room for programs and games, suffer less from any form of degradation and with your budget and the cost of SSD's these days there should be no reason not to go 256GB.
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