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My System Specs


With the current fan configuration of your system, you have positive airflow in your case, meaning more cool air is going in than being exhausted. I think that positive airflow is widely regarded as being the best way to cool your system, and if the intakes are filtered, then the incoming air will be free of dust. If you have more exhaust fans than intake then this creates a negative pressure and you will inadvertantly be sucking in non filtered air from the cracks in the case - bad! But to increase airflow in your case you could look at adding another 120mm as an exhaust. You want the air to go in the front and leave the back and/or top. This will improve air flow through the case.

But on another note: Your voltages look perhaps a bit high for a 4.0 ghz overclock on that chip. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but certainly a 960 can do 4.0 ghz on not more than 1.3x Vcore?? Maybe look at fine tuning those voltages.
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