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Default Holy moly another thread about fan postions

I have an MSI Interceptor Nighthawk case(its a pos dont buy it) that has alot of fan options.

Currently I have a closed loop liquid cooler on my cpu in a 120mm push/pull currently blowing out the rear of the case.The only fan blowing out.

There are 2x120mm fans on the side of my case, positioned in the middle of the side panel vertically blowing in.
There are also 2x120mm fans on the top blowing down into the case.

One more 120mm blowing into the case from the front bottom.

I also have a 80mm spot fan blowing onto the chipset inside the case.

i7 960 @ 4.01ghz 1.4v qpi 1.42v
temps are currently:
40c idle
80c load with prime95

Should I make any rearrangements to maximize cooling? Any advice is appreciated.
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