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Question PC Upgrade Need Help

hey i have my pc and im willing to upgrade it to be able to max out new games ( especially Borderlands 2 ) but i dont have the money to upgrade both right now so id like to know which part should i upgrade first to get the most FPS At Preferably Max Settings ( Including Physx For Borderlands 2 ). so here are the upgrades that im willing to make.

Phenom II 965 @3.6Ghz ( Stock Cooler ) To i7 3770k ( Turbo Boost No OC Till I Get My H100 )


GTX 570 Twin Frozr II @820 Core,2020 Memory,1.025v To GTX 680 4Gb ( Probably OC A Bit ) ( Then Put The GTX 570 As Dedicated Physx )

Any Reply Will Be Apreciated, Thanks !
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