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Default SR-2 question

Hi everyone.

I'm using an sr-2 motherboard, with 6 x 4gb samsung ddr3-1600 (yes the tiny black ones), two l5639 and watercooling for folding.

I was using a 203 x 18 combination until this week-end, as outside temp lowered below 20c, i tought i'd check what kind of max oc i could get.

Turns out i'm stable at 210 x 18 (intel burn test, y-cruncher and more than 10 frames of a 8101 wu all passed with flying colors). I'm open to any tips to go beyond.

Thing is i keep getting graphic driver recovery errors. How can i stop that?

A few meaningful voltages, according to aida64 and e-leet:

Both cpu: 1,364v
Both vtt: 1,39v
IOH: 1,37v
IOH PLL: 1,78v
Both DRAM: 1,56v

On a side note, is it normal i see temps is 45-50 c zone for the core 0 to 5 of each cpu (in core temp, real temp, e-leet and aida64), but i got cpu0 socket temp to 66c. CPU1 is in the same range. What are the readings i can trust to check my temps? socket or cores?

Thanks everyone in advance.

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