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Originally Posted by [nK]Sharp View Post
Hardly anything 'next gen' about it. I hate that term when people describe a console, it implies its technology is not already surpassed but obviously it is 100x better on the PC.

Unless apple made this thing I don't see it becoming popular. Having a tablet as a controller just seems bad and very unintuitive. Great for reading a book/magazine but playing a game... not so much.
Next gen just means the next generation in line of consoles, it has nothing to do with the hardware being next-gen. It is not implying that it has surpassed PC hardware. Also implying the touchscreen on the controller is a tablet it wrong ;) I can see the touch screen being used for menu/inventory/map system quite well that can be taken off of the main screen.

As for Wii's collecting dust, my Wii is the only console I've played in the last 6 months, possibly even in the last year and I've got all 3 consoles. New Super Mario Bros ftw.
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