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Originally Posted by zypho View Post
That kind of question will get you multiple replys for each end of things. Some people say they would never game on anything that isn't 120hz, me personally I don't see much of a difference on something as small as a 24" monitor.. On my 55" TV watching sports or racing games.. Yeah I notice a difference. I choose resolution/image quality over the 120hz. But you will get lots saying I am crazy and go 120hz or nothing.

All I can say is my Dell 2412 is an amazing monitor, works awesome gaming, and once I get a 2nd gpu I will be ordering 2 more when on sale for eyefinity :)

Benq is good too, I think they are the official monitor of the MLG this year, ( not that it means they are the best just because they are MLG preferred ) but if people are using them for 10+ hour tournaments at a time and not complaining they must be pretty good.

Ohhh ok... Thanks for explaining.... I will go wil Dell and its IPS display... Thanks again... ^_^
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