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That kind of question will get you multiple replys for each end of things. Some people say they would never game on anything that isn't 120hz, me personally I don't see much of a difference on something as small as a 24" monitor.. On my 55" TV watching sports or racing games.. Yeah I notice a difference. I choose resolution/image quality over the 120hz. But you will get lots saying I am crazy and go 120hz or nothing.

All I can say is my Dell 2412 is an amazing monitor, works awesome gaming, and once I get a 2nd gpu I will be ordering 2 more when on sale for eyefinity :)

Benq is good too, I think they are the official monitor of the MLG this year, ( not that it means they are the best just because they are MLG preferred ) but if people are using them for 10+ hour tournaments at a time and not complaining they must be pretty good.
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