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Originally Posted by Dave Baumann View Post
I would argue that reviews are there not just to give people an understanding of relative performane on games right now, but also give you an indication whether they are going to be good for the future as well (at least that is the axiom that I took to reviewing). Yes, the relative performance differencences on Showdown currently only represents Showdown, but the question is whether the redendering techniques and features of Showdown may be present on titles in the future.
On that basis, should cards be tested against TXAA, despite it being supported by as yet one game?

Future-proofing requires the ability to accurately predict the future. Lacking that ability, I'll look for repeatable results from technologies and techniques which we know will be used in future games, because they're being used now.

Otherwise, I'd be back to reading reviews about how exciting and powerful my 8800 GTS will be because it can handle DX10.
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