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Default Waterblock for my Gigabyte 7970 OC

A week ago I decided it would be a great time to upgrade my videocard. A shiny new Gigabyte 7970 OC was ordered. Given that my PC is water cooled a gpu block is a must. The EK-FC7970 in fact. Both parts were available from NCIX and arrived a few days later.

Now there is a problem. The block does not fit. Research was done beforehand and EK's very own site listed that card as compatible. NCIX will not take the waterblock back as per their policy. Also, they may not take the videocard back as I was asked by their support rep to send them a pic of the pcb to see if EK had anything else that would work. Am I up the creek without the canoe, is this a new reference design that no one yet has made a block for, or will I have to eat the cost and get a different 7970 if no block will work with this one?
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