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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
He never said it was done on purpose to gimp Nvidia, he just said it would be a poor representation of relative performance which is absolutely true. It makes no sense to have Showdown in a set of benchmarks because the results only really apply to people who plan on playing nothing but Dirt.
I would argue that reviews are there not just to give people an understanding of relative performane on games right now, but also give you an indication whether they are going to be good for the future as well (at least that is the axiom that I took to reviewing). Yes, the relative performance differencences on Showdown currently only represents Showdown, but the question is whether the redendering techniques and features of Showdown may be present on titles in the future.

The most strenouous element of Showdown is the Global Illumination lighting - Global Illumination has for a long time been something that many developers have been striving to put in to realtime rendering, and here is a game that is delivering it already. Are future titles going to be looking at GI? Fo sure, in fact GI is integral to the UE4 Engine so any game licensing that engine in the future is going to have access to a GI path integrated in the engine.
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