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Originally Posted by Dave Baumann View Post
What are you basing this on?

The direction of Showdown started long before anyone anyone knew Keplar would be relatively weak on the Compute side of things. There is nothing that was "designed" to hobble Keplar with Showdown, at least not from our part, not least because we simply didn't know what Keplar was or where it would be weak when Showdown work was being done.

DirectCompute is already being used by lots of titles and devs will adopt it more and more as new algorithms are developed using it. Likewise, when we initially demo'ed forward plus with Leo it garnered a lot of developer interested and experimentation because it is a rendering technique that has the efficiencies of Defferred Shading without some of the limitations.
He never said it was done on purpose to gimp Nvidia, he just said it would be a poor representation of relative performance which is absolutely true. It makes no sense to have Showdown in a set of benchmarks because the results only really apply to people who plan on playing nothing but Dirt.
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