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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Feanor View Post
New YAMAKASI CATLEAP Q270 SE LED 27" 2560X1440 WQHD DVI-D White Computer Monitor | eBay

This one. It simply cannot be beat performance/$ wise.

Bought mine at 300$. Check often, and bite the bullet when there's a price reduction. You can also buy a "perfect pixel" one, but they are more expensive. I had the chance to get a perfect one.
seconded, a bunch of us just bought this at 300 shipped for the pixel perfect...had mine for 2 days now, and its comparison to any monitor i have ever seen....2560X1440 res is unbelievable....but better, is the colors, everything looks completely different beccause of this...seeing things in a "new" light...
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