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My System Specs


Originally Posted by syaoran7li View Post
Few question i got left....

1. For CPU Cooler, Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler or Noctua which is better or is there a better one?? H100 has a huge radiator right so does it make any difference compared to noctua?? and if i choose H100 then can i use it as a air cooler???

2. These r the things i want to do with the sound card...

a. Connect to a 5.1 sound system..
b. connect a headphone using the case front panel connectors..

can i do these two in the sound card ASUS Xonar Essence ST???

3. Once again question abt motherboard... just want to make sure that LGA 2011 boards will support newer ivy bridge processors right??

4. Guys Can you suggest me a good IPS monitor???
1.0 - The H100 should fit no problem with the radiator mounted to the top of the cosmos case. It will cool the cpu very well. I find that the corsair fans are a bit loud but you can always replace them. Which noctual cooler are you thinking of? D14?

2.0 - If the xonar card supports 5.1 then you'll be able to hook it up in a surround setup, and you can then still use your front audio jack to run headphones. You right click your sound button on the taskbar in windows and go into playback devices and set which output you want and you can toggle back and forth between the 5.1 and headphones.

3.0 - Not sure if current lga 2011 boards will support IB-E chips, probably, but who knows with intel. I put a 3770k into a z68 board with a bios update and had some early issues overclocking. So there's always stuff like that that sometimes needs to be worked out.

4.0 - What about one of the korean monitor? catleap or whatever they are called. There's always a risk that you could get one with a stuck pixel - otherwise you get a great monitor at a great price.
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