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My System Specs


Originally Posted by robot drof 1224 View Post
Ok, this is what i came up with:

-Asus sabertooth Z77 or Maximus V 270
-Intel core i7-3770K or core i7-2700K 315
-8Gb of corsair vengeance 55
-Barracuda 1Tb 85
-corsair professional AX850 170

And i have decided to buy a GTX780 when they're released (Dual x16 would be nice to have since the performance drop will be noticeable with those cards in SLI)
-I would go for the sabertooth if it is cheaper than the maximus. Very solid board there. A 3570k as stated before will give you better value than a 3770k. The only difference between the two is hyperthreading, and its not worth the extra 100 Euro unless you are going to be encoding video alot more than you say you are. Also games don't utilize hyperthreading, so you you won't miss it if you drop down to a 3570k.

-Why wait for a 780? That is a long way off. What about a 670? They can overclock to near 680 speeds and are a very good value card.

-On z77, SLI'd cards will run at 8x, 8x, but tests show that you might only lose 3-5% performance running at 8x over 16x for both cards. Don't forget that we still don't have cards that can saturate a pcie 2.0 bus yet (pcie 2.0 16x = pcie3.0 8x). If you really wanted dual 16x, then you'd need to go to lga 2011 board and i7-3820 cpu, which will be a bit more expensive.

-a 3770k is about 5% faster than a 2700k, and use a little bit less power.

PSU choice looks good if you plan for SLI in the future, look for an ssd too, they are pretty cheap these days and are well worth it.
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