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Default i7 960, MSI X58M Multiplier Drops from 25 - 24 at load

Can't figure out how to keep this thing at 25 multiplier. Whenever I run prime95 the multi drops down to 24. Same while folding. I'm using a i7 960 with bclok set to 160x25 for 4ghz, drops to 160x24 for 3.84ghz. I have everything disabled that should be disabled. turbo is disabled when EIST is disabled but that allows me to set the multi manually but it won't stay at 25. Temps are fine. 70c at 100% load prime, 65c folding. 38c idle. I'm pretty sure the bios is up to date, the msi live update thing says it is anyway.

i7 960 @ 160x25=4ghz(drops to x24 as stated above)
Coolit ECO II 120 ALC (corsair h60 oem)
MSI x58m
Corsair Vengeance 12gb trip channel @ 1600mhz 8,9,8,24 1.6v
750W NZXT Hale90


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