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Ok, this is what i came up with:

-Asus sabertooth Z77 or Maximus V 270
-Intel core i7-3770K or core i7-2700K 315
-8Gb of corsair vengeance 55
-Barracuda 1Tb 85
-corsair professional AX850 170

The motherboards both have 'horror butons' and don't support dual x16 PCIe, i dont have a laptop so ROG connect is useless to me but fusion thermo is a nice feature on the other side i really like the tuf reliability but the collor scheme isn't my style. It's the best i could find.

I would go for ivy bridge because of it's power efficiency and better integrated graphics, but since they're slower than sandy and HD4000 doesn't increase Virtu performance, it becomes hard to choose.

And i have decided to buy a GTX780 when they're released (Dual x16 would be nice to have since the performance drop will be noticeable with those cards in SLI)
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