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Default Recommendations for 24inch

I'm looking for a monitor upgrade. I currently have a samsung 22 inch, 226bw to be exact, as my main, a NEC 20inch and a 17 Inch as secondaries. I think 24inch is the logical upgrade as they dont seem to be as expensive as the 27 or 30 inch variants.

I was considering the Dell U2412M but I've heard bad things about the anti glare coating so I thought I'd shop around to see the alternatives.

My requirements are pretty simple and are as follows.
-at least 1920x1200 (No 1080p pos)
-this would be used for gaming as well as photos, and the usual suspects documents/spreadsheets/videos etc. So I would like to keep the refresh rate decent to keep ghosting to a minimum.

-this isnt so much a requirement as I liked the dell's connectivity options, the usb ports would definitely be a boon.

So any recommendations would be appreciated
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