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My System Specs


Best thing I can suggest is to save more and get a full rig rather than staying with (even 2) 9500's..

900 isn't a massive budget for Europe but should get you your choice of z77 board, 3570k, 8gb ram, hdd (WD black / seagate barricuda 7200.14) case and PSU.. maybe even and ssd too. you seem to know a reasonable ammount.

Try create a build and post it here (with individual prices) so we have a better idea of what your getting for your money. and we can then tweak it or suggest alternatives to what you have chosen.
(and a link to where you will most likely buy from) used to be quite good for parts but it's been a while since I used them. Shop around as much as you can.. bargains to be had by doing so.
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