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My System Specs


So after the kids went to bed, I decided it was time to tear down the TJ-07.

A final shot before the guts come out of the Nemesis.

Oh Nemesis, we barely knew ye. Who am I kidding, that's been my case for close to 3 years now. Pulled the PSU out, took most of the guts out. What a huge mess on my desk! I don't have a worktable right now, my oldest son moved back in and took it over for his desk.

The mobo isn't in the TJ-07 anymore, where is it? Why, right here of course:

It fits! Damn it! I'm of two minds, really. I like the 3930K / R4E combo, but it's complete overkill for a single GPU system. I was kind of hoping it wouldn't fit, then I could sell it off and put the 2600K out of my wife's machine and a Z77 mobo in there as well as afford an upgrade to a new 680 or 7970. Well, it's in there now, so tomorrow I'll run the tubing and do some leak testing. I gotta drain the loop and clean my blocks and fittings first though.
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