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My System Specs


On the monitor.. It will support 3d if you buy a glasses kit etc BUT as GTR7 said, it's more for smoother game-play in fps games..
Personally I would go for a 24"IPS as it's more useful more of the time (better colour reproduction, better resolution etc etc)

My suggestions for a system for your usage is...

z77 sabertooth or P8Z77 V Pro.. Both Asus. matched to a 3770k (as your encoding and stuff)..
If you think you'll be doing much more encoding, rendering etc in the future and may upgrade to a hex core then the 2011(x79) boards and sb-e chips are worth a look.. If not stick to the 3770k

16GB Gskill 1600 ram.. you will not notice any real world performance difference in speeds above this... don't spend silly money and Gskill is used by more people here than the vengence.. read from that what you wish.

850Watt + PSU if you want sli at any point. 1000W is tri / quad sli territory. seasonic make PSU's for other companies such as XFX, Corsair and antec... if you find out which you can save on the seasonic branded stuff.

Seagate barricuda 7200.14 2 TB, just built a machine for my brother with one of these and they are hella quick for the money.. but short warranty.. WD is still a good choice. I would buy 2 and have them mirror in case 1 failed..
Big budget means you have no reason not to have a back-up HDD.

CPU cooler, either a noctua ND H14(or something like that) or a corsair H100..

SSD I would definately go 256GB.. with your budget there is no reason not to and it allows you to have more programs and games on the ssd and to get the benifit.. You don't want to run apps off a wd green..

GPU, the MSI PE 670 is as fast as a stock 680.. for $100 less.. If you find it's lacking power then you will see little difference to a 680 especially at your (new) resolution.. Go 670 or sli 670's IMO..

What headset(headphones) are you getting?
I'm no guru on sound but I do know that mid range stuff will see a bit of an increase in quality from a card.. I got a D1 recently and it's improved my sound.. but now the speakers are the limiting factor.
Unless your looking for audiophile levels of quality I would back down the range a bit to a DX / D1 rather than the ST. They produce great quality sound for most people at a fraction of the cost..
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