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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I've been told by the head of the R700 team at ATI that it will not work. Plus, what drivers are you going to use?? The 8.6 WHQL drivers lack proper support for the R770 cards and the R770 Hotfix Beta drivers lack proper support for the RV670 cards.

I'm looking forward to this but I am holding off on my CF tests until the WHQL driver set (8.7?) is released soon. I have had enough BSODs with these Series 5 drivers to last me a lifetime without complicating things with Crossfire.
I have my doubts about it working, but its worth a shot. I have nothing to lose but patience. worse case senario I rip out my 3850 and throw it out the window... actually yeah, that aint good. remind me to breath

Originally Posted by FiXT View Post
And here I thought I was going to see Tom Dickson's smug grin while chewing up some video cards.
Interesting findings though - With the performance of the 4850 by itself, it makes one wonder - why bother?
Its a good question. For the poer sacrifice, will it make much sense? Maybe I can get the performance of a 4870, but for what, twice the watts? Still interesting. Plus.. tri-fire is hawt.
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