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Question Need help choosing parts.

Hi there,

I am looking forward to building my first PC but i can't decide what parts i should use.

1. The PC will primarily be used for gaming, minor video editing and of course, school work.

2. My current budget is 900 but my parrents will buy my OS.

3. I'm belgian so i'll probably purchase my parts in the Benelux.

4. I believe that Intel and Nvidia are the best brands for gaming.

5. I still have two EN9500GT MAGIC (has PCIe 2.0 interface)

6. I don't want cmos/bios flash buttons on the back of my computer (at least some sort of protector over them) since they have the reputation of creating tue 'horror scenarios' among my friends. I would like as much pcie lanes as possible (thinking about SLI / future cards)

7. Overcklocking to about 4Ghz would be very nice, but i have 0 experience.

8. I would like to be running a working system by the end of october.

9. I have one of those large monitors (120Hz, 3D ready)

10. I really want SLI, SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3 and upgradeability

My initial plan was to buy a high end mobo/CPU combo and run with stock cooling, an HDD and those graphics cards i still have, But when i have some more to spend i'd go all watercooling and slap a GTX780 with a waterblock in there when they come out, then an SSD and a sound card...

I think you get the picture, this process will take some time so a good base is a must. (because i'm underage i am only allowed work 8 weeks per year)

Important: the color scheme matters to me, so please none of those terrible looking blue mobos!

P.S. if prices in euro are hard to find, just say them in dollar.

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