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Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
What I don't understand is why would AMD or Nvidia not work with popular Linux distros to ensure that drivers were compiled with all the necessities in the first place.

Sure, I know how to navigate Windows quite well and change settings, etc., but to have to download these crazy libraries just to install one driver is beyond insane. If Linux wants to obtain more marketshare, developers and hardware manufacturers should be working together to fix this issue.
Don't blame the developers, blame the hardware manufacturers. They spend their time and resources on the multi-billion dollar Windows market, which like it or not is the largest and has the most inertia. There are also manufacturers who have to be dragged kicking and screaming to have anything to do with open source software (Broadcom and nVidia are prime examples) and even then refuse to provide needed help in improving things (nVidia is a perfect case in point).

It's all about $$$$$ and since there isn't as much to be made in the FOSS world, it gets less attention, even by those manufacturers who provide data on their products like Intel and ATI.

BTW, those "crazy libraries" exist in Windows too. It's just that they either ship with Windows (supplied by the manufacturers to Microsoft) or are installed as part of the driver installer when you install a new driver package.

Windows can have its' own share of driver problems with manufacturers too. They just tend to get sorted out faster is all.
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