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Originally Posted by syaoran7li View Post
I have a few More Doubts Right now...

1. I have selected BenQ XL2420T Monitor and it features 3D... So for viewing content do i need 3D glasses???
2. Abt RAM... in the processors 3930k and 3770k , the Memory Type Supported its written DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1333, DDR3-1600... so does this mean if i buy DDR3-2400 like Gskill Trident X will the processor support it????
3. For RAM which one should i pick GSkill RipjawsX or GSkill TridentX??? Or is there anything better??
4. For Sound Card i like ASUS Xonar Essence ST... is this a good choice????

1. Yes, you will need 3D glasses to view 3D content on that monitor, NVIDIA makes a kit for it, usually around $200 last time I checked ( could be lower now )
2. When you see speeds like 2400 they are referring to overclocked ram, so when you look at a processor it will only says DDR3-1600 because thats a stock non overclocked speed. When looking at specs of motherboards they will tell you what speeds have been tested to work on the board, and they will include overclocked speeds. Pay more attention to the speeds the motherboard supports rather than the processor.
3. I think the Ripjaws seem to be more popular. Me personally I would go with some corsair vengeance ram, but between those two I would say Ripjaws will do you good.
4. What exactly are you planning to run off that sound card? First, I thought that sound-card was discontinued/replaced ( could be wrong ) and second you wont notice much of a difference vs onboard sound unless your using high end speakers/receiver/headset.
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