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My System Specs


What monitor do you have?

If your looking for a machine that will max any game and be good for multi-tasking a (relatively) basic system for 1200 - 1600 would be plenty.. It all depends on what you play and what resolution your monitor is.

The point with many parts these days is to OC them.. if your not interested then your wasting your money... and the top level stuff are for those that want to beat benchmarks etc.. not for people looking for a good gaming rig..

I would suggest a 3570k (plenty of power) 3770k if your going to be doing a bunch of rendering or encoding etc.. the 3930k and higher are for people that are really into their hardware or do 3d modeling as a job...
8GB ram is more than the VAST majority of people will use.. but it is cheap so you can go for 16GB if you really want.
256GB SSD, Intel are probably the best all round but expensive.. Vertex 4 would be my second choice for high end build..
2TB HDD, WD Black or seagate Barricuda 7200.14..
Asus Z77 sabertooth is all the board you'll need..
Depending on your monitor a 670 is all you'll need..
Hell look at a 27" IPS and go for a 690 if you have the funds for it.. but for any monitor of 1920 x 1200 or less then a single 670 will be plenty.. the MSI PE is sweet and a good price.
Single GPU a 650 watt is plenty.. dual and 750-850 is good... again unless your going to be pushing oc's as high as possible trying to beat benchmarks (Which you won't notice in game) then a gold is overkill.. Corsair TX 650V2 or 850 is a great unit.

Case... pick what you want... it's personal preference.. but the cosmos is HUGE.
Any decent mid tower should have decent cooling, cable management and hold 2 GPU's..
Full tower is more for water-cooling custom loops, tri-sli or more and the likes..

As for sound... All creative sound-systems I've heard sound crap(though I've not had the opportunity to try one of their higher models) and the sound-card will be wasted if this is the case..
Makes sure your sound-system is in need of a card like the ST before you drop that much cash on it... The $60 - $120 cards are generally good enough for most people.

By the way.. don't try and "future-proof" a build.. you'll end up spending more money than it would cost to have 2 builds in the same period...
The CPU etc in this SHOULD last about 5 years once OC'd and depending on your own needs.. the GPU should last 2-3 before re-fresh is wanted.

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