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Default Lacie Rikiki 500gb USB3 - Works only on USB3 port?

Hey guys, not sure whats going on here but my Lacie external drive (Rikiki 500gb USB3) refuses to work on USB2 ports... claiming "USB device not recognized". Device manager claims its an "Unknown device" with status "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

However, despite all this, its simple plug and play into a USB3 port and it works happily without issue.

Any ideas? I'm kinda wondering if the USB2 controller chip or whatever gives the drive backwards compatibility with USB2 is broken internally, causing it to fail to connect.

Drivers? Before you ask, there are none. Never needed a driver for any USB external drive before anyways.

The drive was working fine in a USB3 port, i formatted it to NTFS and even did a few backups onto it. And now this... Please help HWC?
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