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It isn't my problem that AMD's optimizations for certain games are poor as hell, even after we've alerted them to it.

As a matter of fact, I'm done with your douchebaggery Eyefinity. As are the other members here judging from the PMs I have been receiving.

The mods and I have been way, way more than lenient despite the antics and borderline trolling in posts. I have asked the mods time and again to keep you around because we are open and transparent about our benchmarks, reviews and tests. However, enough is enough. I am banning you myself because this has gone on too long. And yes, I have the gall and the balls to finally do that.

Also make a note that you are NOT being banned for questioning the reviews. As has been more than evident, we welcome open and meaningful dialog but the conversations with you rarely, if ever go down that road. What you are being banned for is constantly berating members of the staff, not listening to reason, dredging up asinine examples to somehow prove a point, purposely avoiding responses made by the staff and most of all questioning the integrity this site stands for at every opportunity.

As a matter of fact, every one of your clearly biased posts will be left as-is. Not because of their content but rather as ever-lasting proof of how lenient we were and as a poster child of how (somehow) technology makes some people loose every shred of reason.
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