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Default 3800+4800 CF: Will it blend?

Some say yes:
TG Daily - ATI Radeon 4850/4870 mix and match with Radeon 3850/3870

Some say no:

Those articles were actually posted on the same day. I trust TGDaily more of course... but its time to find out. 4850 512mb on route. I will CF it with 1 3850 OCed 256mb and 2x3850s (if I have enough wattage which I doubt!).

Lets see how these puppies perform. I'll be doing the following benchmarks:
Crysis at up to 1680x1050
3DMark 06 standard (I don't want to change the settings )
Maybe Vantage if I am allowed to use it without paying for it

Anyone interested in these results?

Below are my results with P35 crossfire (2x3850s OCed) and P45 (1x4850) so far. Take a look.
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