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Originally Posted by Arkilion View Post
Yeah, I'm 80 since last week, and now that I'm checking for sets and legendary weapon, I'm totally discouraged. But that's not that bad, as it's only for esthetic purpose, it's not important how long it takes to get something, cause you simply don't need it to be strong.

But maybe that game is a bit too balanced, I'd love that those legendary weapons had stronger bonus or damage, for the effort requiered. I mean, it's like 250 skill points, two lvl 400 professions, 20 gold of plans, and a lot of materials (500 of highest crafting mats and 400 of highest fine crafting materials) and also lots of dungeon runs...

Still fun to play thought, you just need to not focus on getting dungeon gear or legendary.
I don't mind it. I think it prevents the whole skill over gear that they are trying to do. Otherwise you will get something similar to WoW where stats got asinine and more asinine each content upgrade. And major bounces between x-pacs. Keep it so skill matters and work to get the cool looking skins. Also, a lot of people would complain if you could get these Legendary items easily. I think it makes it impressive if you can craft/acquire one. It means you accomplished something in the game.
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