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My System Specs


Yeap. With ASUS it is like that. Get it, test it. If it does not work - exchange at retailer. If it past 2 weeks - throw it out. Asus emulates RMA for motherboards. But they do not do RMA. If you send them the board, they will send it back to you saying it is fixed or working perfectly. They won't even touch your MB.

Once I have sent them P35 MB (not booting up.) and I put small piece of paper right under socket cap. When I received it back, it still did not boot and paper was still under cap. ASUS did not event install CPU to test it. They do not care, and they know it costs you money to send it back to them.

But I still get ASUS boards, simply because when they work - they are the best in quality, BIOS and fan monitoring. Gigabyte is very high quality too, but their BIOS is shadier and fan monitoring is next to nonexistant.
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