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Default Need some electricity guru

I had a bit of a thought, my 360 is starting to choke on new blue ray rips especially BBC documentaries. So I was thinking of setting up a AMD FM1 for media streaming, one of the 65W ones. I have a PICO power supply, and it would be ideal if I could run 12V from my home server room. but I know just enough to be worried about what line size I need to run 12V that far and what I can get away with. It would be ~70' from the server room to the TV in question.

I am thinking this route to save on space. we lose power often enough that I have battery backup on things I don't want to go down, ie middle of a movie. So this would save me space on a battery, and a power brick. Just have the TV on the wall and hide the media box. but if I have to run 10gauge wire or lower I will start to think twice about this thought. I think I still have a roll of 12 that would cost me $0 to use.
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