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My System Specs


Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
What color tubing do you have Sugar? Blue coolant definitely won't look nice with blank and copper.. White may go with it..
Good luck with it!
Clear tubing. I like the look of coolant inside clear tubing and reservoirs rather than colored tubing, and there's more options. Because the case is orangish, the blue might make a good contrast because they are color negatives of each other. I'm thinking white will probably win out though.

Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
Looks like the Cougar fans would match this build fairly well. Also ever consider using soft copper piping instead of regular tubing? It's a hell of a lot more work though
While hard tubing would be cool, it's beyond my time capability right now.

Originally Posted by Caldezar View Post
And I know exactly where to get a couple Cougar fans cheap... ;)

I was actually wondering if it would be feasible to put copper hardware in that build that's been flamed for the 'rainbow patina' effect.
There shouldn't be any fans visible through the side panel. I'll put a Gentle Typhoon up top for exhaust and airflow over the VRM area while the Silverstone 180's are buried under the rad and not visible.

As for flame patina'd copper, that's a cool idea but it might be a bit much for this color of case. And again, beyond what time I've got to put in this bad boy right now.

I just realized I've got one week until Borderlands 2 launch. If my oldest boy gets home soon, I might get him to help drain my loop tonight and see if the mobo will fit.
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