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My System Specs


It's been sitting on my floor for the last couple of weeks. I've been more focused on selling our place and buying a new one. I was ready to tear down my machine on Sunday, but family life intruded and I ran out of time. I have new tubing and some stop fittings for the rad sitting on my desk, waiting patiently.

I plan on putting my Silverstone Strider PSU in it, which already has all the cables sleeved black. Once I decide on coolant color, I will redo some accent color sleeving. As for coolant, I have considered both blue and white. TBH, it will depend on whether the R4E fits, which I hope to find out this weekend. If I have red mobo parts and RAM, I don't think blue will look good as a coolant color. If it doesn't fit, I might go off the map, sell my 3930k and R4E now that I'm not getting bigadv units and pull the 2600K from my wife's build along with a new mobo.
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