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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
To be honest Galaxy has been really stepping up there game , and to boot we have an active Galaxy rep on the forum who is very Vocal,in getting them up to EVGA Standards.

So, to be honest, either one would be good.

Along w/ being one of the premier GPU info sites and killer friendly forums to boot, you've just won me over HC. I'm not Canadian (I know, inferior being), but I have 2 hosehead friends!!

My last GPU's were...

1. EVGA's GTX 560 Ti SC (went through 3, finally refunded my money over 3 months, and gave me $40 EVGA bucks...a very frustrating experience). The 1st card had the infamous driver crashing issue. The 2nd card's label was stuck on the fan, thus fan no spin, thus card overheat and crash. The last card was a complete and utter joke...crashing in BF3 every 3 minutes. BTW, my airflow was perfect w/ dual Scythe SFLEX E's and NO FILTER OR GRILL in a 75F room w/ an UNDERCLOCKED i5 760 and a GOLD Corsair AX750 PSU. (The power supply was apparently the cause of the card failures according to EVGA. They blamed my G.Skill ECO RAM for running @ CL8 instead of CL7 like they were specced.) EVGA told me to run everything @ spec or I would have issues. Why sell an SC or an SCC or bin further and screw the little folks w/ an FTW? Hey EVGA! Let's bring on the Black Pearl incident again!! Overall a horrible experience where I had to argue w/ them over the phone for hours. Lots of scheduled calls blown off, etc. I posted my full experience on if you need further proof of their inept support.

2. Galaxy GTX issues, no crashes, never. Phenomenal card w/ Arctic Cooling's triple fan solution for $450. I emailed tech support and let them know I forgot to register for the extra year warranty PAST THE DEADLINE. They gave it to me anyway. I didn't argue at all. I simply asked and they delivered. What more can you ask from a company? An HDMI + mini HDMI to HDMI cable? Check. A card that works as advertised. Check. A card that runs 20F cooler than reference while also being much quieter? Check.

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