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Originally Posted by The Quicken View Post

That's the one. Perhaps I 'no interface' was the wrong term. There is a pretty standard 'printer setup' interface, but nothing like a web browser and keyboard -- what I think would be required to join such a network.

Originally Posted by JD View Post
I would not join a printer to the campus WiFi. You'll have the whole damn school printing to it.

Tell her to get a router for her dorm and make her own private WiFi with a password.

Otherwise, I believe most printers support Ad-Hoc WiFi which is a direct P2P connection between the printer and her laptop which should also work.
Haha yeah, I was planning on putting a password in place to access the printer. Still probably a dumb idea.

I have been reading up on Ad-Hoc networking. My understanding is that you cannot be simultaneously connected to both a an Ad-Hoc network to print, and a standard wifi network for internet access. Is this correct?

Thanks again guys,
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