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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post
Be careful there. There are HUGE hardware differences differences between the T959 and the T959D/T959P. T959 is the T-Mobile version of the S1 which is mainly meant for networks using the 1700 AWS band (Mobilicity and Wind up here). Meanwhile the T959D is Telus' 3G+ version, and the T959P is Telus' 4G S1. With that said, I used my T959P on Rogers without an issue. The T959D version uses the same bands.
Thus my confusion, but knowing one Telus SGS works is comforting.

Now if only I could be certain the port issue is one of hardware. Managed to get the phone to connect to my computer and updated it via Kies (I know) to 2.3.3.

It'll only charge on certain cables. It'll reliably charge when plugged into my computer, but not when plugged into a wall charger, even when it's the same cable. Levering the connector at the phone can momentarily persuade it to start charging off the wall. Fiddling with the cable when it's plugged into the computer will also sometimes cause it to lose connection, but the connection is overall much more reliable.

Figure I'll try cleaning the USB port with a coffee filter, isopropyl alcohol and a twist tie, hope it's just the current owner has let it get grimy.
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